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"Washing Dishes With Mama"

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"On the surface, Judy DiGregorio's vignettes may seem light and simple. They are anything but. These short pieces delve into the things that really matter: the love for grandchildren, the complexities of marriage, the way we'll do anything (even carry an entire newspaper route) for our children. These essays are hilarious, touching, and often profound. This is one of those books that make you feel better about being a human being."
-Silas House, author of The Coal Tattoo and A Parchment of Leaves

"Judy DiGregorio will make you smile, then chuckle, then belly laugh. She helps us recognize the humor in our own rich lives."
-Darnell Arnoult, author of a novel, Sufficient Grace and a book of poetry, What Travels with Us

"If laughter is the best medicine, Memories of a Loose Woman is worth a cupboard full of pills."
-Connie Jordan Green, author of The War at Home and Emmy

"In this smart, witty, and irreverent collection of meditations, Judy DiGregorio scores the literary equivalent of a game-winning slam dunk."
-Eddie Francisco, author of Alchemy of Words

"Judy DiGregorio's new book is like a spring flower opening. These poems and essays are gems about life and living. We get to be amazed and pleased as she provides insight to things we sometimes don't see. I feel good reading her work and highly recommend it. I think you will feel the same way, too."
-Bill Landry, author, storyteller, host and co-producer of The Heartland Series

"Judy DiGregorio, aka Judy Jabber, has done it again, collected her distinctive humorous commentaries on the foibles and befuddlements of aging in the modern world. With both prose and poetry, Judy confronts life's challenges, whether technological or biological, with hilarious self-deprecation. Like her previous two books, Tidbits is the perfect gift for those who need and love a good laugh."
-Judy Loest, essayist, poet

"Each essay is a glimpse of joy realized and upended, a choice slice of life, a lemon-zest punch at the end."
-Linda Parsons Marion, author of Mother Land and Home Fires